Our Story

We are designers. And, let’s be honest here: Our job is to make things, places and ideas look special. But we are also about people and helping their design aspirations develop and manifest into perfect spaces. As a team our work is collaborative; we draw inspiration from our lives, our clients, travel, artists, nature and experience. We favor neutral palettes with added layers of color, texture and patterns in specific areas to create a well designed but not fussy interior that you won’t want to leave. 

C&K is an interiors firm, specializing in intimate interior design for home owners and businesses in need of our seasoned perspective. With 30-plus collective years of design experience, Rachel and Jody started collaborating informally 13 years ago. We decided to make it official and established C&K three years ago.


About Rachel

I'm Rachel Cleaveland, a native of Mill Valley, CA. I started my design career in an unlikely place: while working in corporate communications for Fortune 500 companies. Initially I was focused on Creative Direction, conceptualizing and producing corporate films for global brands like Cisco Systems . When budgets got tight in the tech business back around 1998, I found myself pitching in to help the art department while on set of film shoots. It was here that I realized the shoe fit. For the past 14 years I have been photo styling and art directing for leading print publications and catalog brands. Looking back, it was inevitable that I would transition into interior design. In my free time I dream of working on a Wes Anderson movie set or starting my design career over as Jeff Lewis’ whipping boy.


About Jody

Hello. I'm Jody, the Kennedy half of C&K. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City I worked at House Beautiful Magazine for 20 years; 10 years as a Decorating Editor in New York and 10 as the brand's West Coast Editor. Even as my interior stylist career took off, I worked as a contributing editor for Country Home Magazine and Metropolitan Home. I was also fortunate enough in my early years to work directly with Martha Stewart for a number of years, collaborating on her early books and arranging flowers for all of the weddings and large events she catered.

After relocating to Marin County I focused much of the time when I wasn't working as an Contributing Editor for various publications on prop styling, where I worked with clients such as Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Garnet Hill & Target.

After years of decorating and designing sets for interior photos shoots I teamed up with fellow stylist Rachel Cleaveland-Riedy to start Cleaveland & Kennedy Design.

I work hard to always have a positive attitude, solving problems that would stop a lot of folks dead in their tracks. Over the years I've developed the unique gift of being able to bestow a new nickname on almost anyone.